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Continuous discovery

5 user persona examples to inspire your team and increase customer satisfaction

Providing a great website and product experience starts with understanding your users. 

You need to know who they are, how they describe themselves, why they buy, and what’s holding them back from buying—all insights that will inform your user personas.

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5 strategies to avoid design by committee

Getting feedback from multiple sources is incredibly useful for informing product decisions. But there’s a fine line between successfully balancing feedback and falling prey to design by committee. 

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Continuous discovery

Content design: why it matters (and why it's not just UX writing)

Having a groovy website, app, or product is great—but does it fulfill your users’ needs? 

Content is anywhere and everywhere in a user interface. However, the quality of your content—and how you present it to your audience—can make or break your product design.

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Continuous discovery

19 product monitoring metrics every PM should track

Building a product that people love starts with identifying a real human need. But once your solution is up and running, how do you make sure it continues to provide long-term customer and business value?

Monitoring product metrics—like monthly active users and product adoption rate—ensures that the product you think your customers want is actually something they can’t live without.

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Product team culture

What is product operations and why it might be important for you

If your business is growing fast, it might be time to hire a product operations manager. Melany Bascome tells us how the role works at Hotjar.

Organizational awareness

Product marketing vs growth marketing: what’s the difference?

Product marketing and growth marketing are essentially two approaches to the same two problems: how to attract customers, and how to keep those customers happy enough to stick around.

Hotjar Product Managers handpicked those 10 product podcasts. Keep your product team at the top of its game with fresh insights and inspiration!

Team growth

10 inspiring product podcasts to listen to right now

Product podcasts offer fresh ideas, insights, and inspiration to keep product teams competitive.

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Continuous discovery

12 best product monitoring tools for cross-functional product teams

To continuously improve your product and deliver an excellent user experience, you need reliable data about your product's performance and your customers' interactions with it. 

Product monitoring tools give you insights to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your product, and help prioritize initiatives for further optimization efforts.

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A Day in the Life of a Product Manager—What Does a PM do?

Product team culture

A day in the life of a product manager—what does a PM do?

What exactly does a product manager (PM) do in a day or a week? Are most days the same? This blog post will walk you through what a product manager gets up to in a day. 

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